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Dr. Gregory Yun
Your Garden Grove Chiropractor

  • "Dr. Y has been a tremendous help to me with a situation I was told would most likely require surgery. I was having severe pain because of swelling in the little finger of my left hand and the area just below it. The pain would increase with swelling. A bump formed just below the fingers that felt like a hard knot that would hurt touched to something. I found it bothersome at night and in the mornings it would be stiff and sore.

    That same week, I was in to see Dr. Yun who felt there must be a way to relieve the pain and started working with me on a regular basis. We worked 2-3 days a week to break up the tissue and stretch my fingers to relieve the pain. I noticed the pain was not there after a while. We have been making great strides along the way to where I am now feeling fairly normal. This situation has come a long way and I am very grateful that surgery is no longer a concern. I want to thank Dr. Yun for his persistence in getting me through this problem."
    Dianne L. D
  • "Three years ago I was involved in a car accident that left me badly injured. In a nutshell my back and neck were toast. I was in constant pain with zero direction. I was stuck in my house physically unable to drive, work, or go to school. Insurances sent me to doctor after doctor without gaining much progress.
    Working with him, I was able to move easier and start exercising again. I put in the hours at the gym and as I continued to come to Dr. Yun, I began to gain my old strength back and then some. I was myself again! I could go out with my friends and go on dates. I re-started school after a 2 year delay. I feel like a completely different person from back then. I'm more focused and physically stronger than I've ever been. As of September last year, I competed in a Half-Ironman triathlon. I'm now a nationally certified fitness trainer working in the San Gabriel Valley. And thanks to the help of Dr. Yun, in August this year, I'm going to Kentucky for Ironman. Thanks Dr Yun!"
    Ruben C.
  • "I was having difficulty with my right leg. I had a pain that would not go away that went all the way down the right side to my ankle. This made it very difficult to walk and especially to get up from a chair. Once I got walking, then it seemed to do much better. Dr. Yun had me get an MRI which showed some degeneration in my back. He suggested we try Spinal Decompression for several sessions in a short period of time and then continue with aftercare to with increase in time between each sessions. Immediately, I felt relief. I have not had the pain and continue to do just fine. Or course, I am continuing with my floor exercises and additional follow-up treatment to avoid any surgery possibility. This has made a big difference for me in how I function and feel on a regular basis."
    Dr. DeMille Ph.D.
  • "It is difficult to find. Enough words in a short space to express the freedom of pain that was non-stop day & night. The many nights that I have sat up in a chair as the pains down my legs were severe. Dr. Yun has me pain free for the most part. I sleep without pain and can resume my basic activities without pain and without pain pills. Dr Yun is a very dedicated and more important very honest with me as to what I can expect from his treatments. I am very thankful for his care and the freedom of movement he has given me, and with his continued care I hope to remain pain free the rest of my days."
    Marge C.

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  • "Dr Yun and staff are wonderful. He is helping my husband and I."
    Francie M. Garden Grove, CA

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